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As you come down the lane you may see, depending on luck season and time of day, deer, buzzards, badgers, pheasants, owls and the occasional human. These are only the creatures large enough to be easily spotted while driving  a noisy car.  Patience and quiet may  reveal the rest.

Here is the long list of species recorded at Lower Lewdon between 1988 and now. This list relies heavily on the work of C S Robbins whom we thank for the information.  Hyperlinks to photos of each species will be introduced as we can capture them.




Brimstone - recorded annually, relatively common

Clouded Yellow - infrequent migrant.

Comma - Occasional.

Common Blue - Common.

Gatekeeper - Very common.

Green Hairstreak - First located 1994.

Green Veined White - Abundant.

Holly Blue - 1991 and 2, not since.

Large Skipper - Common

Large white - Common.

Marbled White - Varies greatly in abundance.

Marsh Fritillary - A small colony.

Meadow Brown - Abundant.

Orange Tip - Common


Peacock - Common.

Painted Lady - Common in good migrant years.

Purple hairstreak - Not uncommon on the Oaks.

Red admiral - usually common.

Ringlet - Common.

Silver washed fritillary - Fairly common.

Small copper - Common.

Small Ileath - 1990 and 1991, not since.

Small tortoiseshell - Common.

Small skipper - Common.

Small White - Common.

Speckled wood - Abundant.

Wall - Fairly common.




O - Occasional, B - Breeds, R - Resident, breeds elsewhere - Winter only.


Barn owl                                0W

Black headed gull                0

Blackbird                              B

Blackcap                              B

Blue tit                                  B

Brambling                            W

Bullfinch                                B

Buzzard                                R

Canada goose                    0

Carrion crow                        B

Chaffinch                              B

Chiff-chaff                             B

Coal tit                                  B

Collared dove                      B

Cormorant                            0

Curlew                                  0

Dunnock                               B

Feral pigeon                        0

Fieldfare                              W

Garden warbler                   B

Goldcrest                             B

Golden plover                      0

Goldfinch                              B

Great spotted woodpecker        R

Great tit                                B

Green sandpiper                 0

Green woodpecker             R

Greenfinch                            R

Greenshank                          0

Grey heron                            0

Grey wagtail                          0

Herring gull                            0

House sparrow                     B

Jackdaw                                B            

Jay                                          B

Kestrel                                    R

Kingfisher                               0

Lapwing                                  0

Linnet                                   B

Long tailed tit                       B

Magpie                                 B            

Mallard                                 B

Marsh tit                               B

Meadow pipit                      W

Mistle thrush                        B

Nuthatch                               B

Peregrine                             0

Pheasant                              B

Pied wagtail                         B

Quail                                      B             Not every year.

Raven                                    R

Redpoll                                  0

Redshank                              0

Redwing                                W

Reed bunting                        B

Robin                                     B

Rook                                      R

Siskin                                     W

Skylark                                   R

Snipe                                     W           

Song thrush                           B

Sparrowhawk                        R

Starling                                  B

Stock dove                            B

Tawny owl                              B

Teal                                        0

Tree pipit                               B             Not seen since 1992

Treecreeper                          B

Whimbrel                               0

Willow tit                                B

Willow warbler                      B

Wood pigeon                        B

Woodcock                            W           

Wren                                      B

Yellowhammer                      B






Bank vole

Long Eared Bat

Common Shrew



Grey squirrel

Harvest Mouse

Lesser Horseshoe Bat - 1988 - 1990, only, in Roof space, Lower Lewdon.


Pipistrelle bat

Pygmy Shrew


Roe deer

Short tailed Field vole



Wood Mouse




Alder                                      Amos glutmosa

Ash                                        Fraxinus excelsior

Birch, woolly                         Betula pubescens

Blackthorn                            Prunus spinosa

Crab apple                           Malus sylvestris

Elder                                     Sambucus nigra

Elm sp.                                 Ulmus sp.

Gorse                                   Ulex europes

Hawthorn                              Crataegus monogyna


Hazel                                      Corylus avellana

Holly                                       hex aquifolius

Oak sessile                           Quereus petraea

Rowan                                    Sorbus aucuparia

Sycamore                             Acer pseudoplatanus

Willow                                    Sahix cinerea

Willow, dwarf                         Salix repens

Willow, eared                        Salix aurita







Broad buckler                      Dryopteris dilatata

Golden male fern                 Dryopteris affmis affinis

Green male fern                   Dryopteris fihix-mas

I-lard fern                              Bleehnum spicant

Hartstongue                         Phyllitis seolopendrion

Hay scented buckler           Drryopteris aemula


Lady fern                            Athyrium fihix-femina

Marsh horsetail                  Equisetum palustre

Polypody                            Polypodium vulgare

Royal  fern                          Osmunda regalis

Soft shield fern                  Polvstjehurn setiferum

Western polvpody             Polypodium interiecturn





Annual meadow grass        Poa annua

Cocksfoot                            Dactylis glomerata

Crested dogstail                 Cynosurus cristatus

False Oat                             Arrhenatherum elatius

Floating sweet grass           Glyceria fluitans

Hairy knees                           Holcus mollis

Heath grass                          Danthonia decumbens

Marsh foxtail                         Alopecurus geniculatus

Meadow foxtail                     Alopecurus pratensis

Perennial ryegrass               Lolium perenne


Purple moor grass                Molinia caerulea

Red fescue                            Festuca rubra

Rough meadow grass          Poa trivialis

Smooth meadow grass        Poa pratensis

Sweet vernal grass               Anthoxanthemum odoratum

Tall fescue                             Festuca arundinaria

Tufted hair grass                  Deschampsia cespitosa

Velvet bent                            Agrostis canina

Wood false brome               Brachypodium sylvaticum

Yorkshire fog                        Holcus lanatus





Branched bur sedge            Sparganium erectum

Bristle club rush                    Isolepis setacea

Carnation sedge                  Carex flacca

Congested rush                    Juncus conglomeratus

Glaucous sedge                    Carex panicea

Heath woodrush                    Luzula multiflora

Jointed rush                          Juncus acutiflorus

Oval sedge                            Carex ovalis

Remote sedge                      Carex remota

Smooth stalked sedge         Carex laevigata

Soft rush                                Juncus effusus

Star sedge                             Carex echinata

Tawny sedge                        Carex hostiana

Toad rush                              Juncus bufonius

Wood sedge                         Carex sylvatica

Yellow sedge                        Carex demissa

Jointed rush                          Juncus articulatus





Angelica                                Angelica sylvestris

Barren strawberry                Potentilla sterilis

Betony                                   Betonica officinalis

Birdsfoot trefoil                     Lotus corniculatus

Bitter vetch                            Lathryus montana

Black bryony                         Tamus communis

Bluebell                                 Hyacintha nonscripta

Bog pimpernel                     Anagallis tenella

Bog stitchwort                      Stellaria alsine

Bramble                                Rubus sri

Broad leaved dock              Rumex obtusifolius

Broad leaved helleborine    Epipactis helleborine

Brooklyme                            Veronica beccabunga

Bugle                                     Ajuga reptans

Cats ear                                Hypochoeris radicata

Chickweed                            Stellaria media

Cinquefoil                              Potentilla reptans

Cleavers                                Galium aparine

Common sorrel                     Rumex acetosa

Creeping buttercup              Ranunculus repens

Creeping thistle                    Cirsium arvense

Curled dock                           Rumex crispus

Cut leaved cranesbill            Geranium dissectum

Daisy                                      Bellis perennis

Dandelion                              Taraxacum officinale

Devils bit scabious               Succisa pratensis

Dogs mercury                        Mercurialis prennis

Early purple orchid                Orchis mascula

Enchanters nightshade         Circaea lutetiana

Fleabane                                Pulicaria dysenterica

Foxglove                                Digitalis purpurea

Germander speedwell          Veronica chamaedrys

Gorse                                      Ulex europaea

Greater birdsfoot trefoil        Lotus uliginosus

Ground ivy                              Glechoma hederacea

Heath spotted orchid            Dactylorhiza maculate

Hedge woundwort                 Stachys sylvatica

Hemlock water dropwort      Oenanthe crocata

Hemp agrimony                    Eupatorium cannabinum

Hemp nettle                           Galeopsis

Herb robert                            Geranium robertianum?tetrahit

Hogweed                               Heracleum

Honeysuckle                         Lonicera periclymenum      

Ivy                                            Hedera hibernica 

Kingcup                                 Caltha palustris   

Least trefoil                           Trifolium micranthum         

Leser twayblade                   Listera ovata        

Lesser skullcap                     Scutellaria minor  

Lesser spearwort                 Ranunculus flammula         

Lesser stitchwort                  Stellaria graminea

Lesser trefoil                         Trifolium dubium 

Marsh bedstraw                   Galium palustris   

Marsh ragwort                      Senecio aquatica 

Marsh thistle                         Cirsium palustre  

Meadow buttercup               Ranunculus acris

Meadow sweet                     Filipendula ulmaria              

Meadow thistle                     Cirsium dissectum

Meadow vetchling                Lathyrus pratensis

Montbretia                             Crocosmia x crocosmiifolia

Mouse eared chickweed     Cerastium fontanum

Nettle                                      Urtica dioica

Nipplewort                              Lapsana communis

Opp. golden saxiftage          Chrysosplenium oppositofolia

Perennial pearlwort               Sagina procumbens

Pignut                                     Conopodium majus

Primrose                                Primula vulgaris

Purple loosestrife                  Lythrum salicaria

Ragged robin                        Lychnis flos-cuculi

Ragwort                                 Senecio jacobaea

Ramsons                                Allium ursinum

Rats tail plantain                   Plantago lanceolata

Red campion                         Silene dioica

Red clover                             Trifolium pratensis

Ribwort plantain                    Plantago lanceolata

Saw-wort                               Serratula tinctoria

Self heal                                 Prunella vulgaris

Silverweed                             Potentilla anserina

Slender St. Johns wort         Hypericum pulchrum

Sneezewort                            Achillea ptarniica

Snowdrop                               Galanthus nivalis

Southem marsh orchid         Dactylorhiza praetermissa

Sticky mouse eared chickweed          Cerastium glomeratum

Three veined sandwort        Moerhingia trinerva

Tormentil                                Potentilla erecta

Valerian                                 Valenana officinalis

Wall penny wort                    Umbilicus rupestris

Wall speedwell                     Veronica arvensis

Water forget me not             Myosotis secunda

Water mint                             Mentha aquatica

Water starwort                      Callitriche stagnalis

Wavy bittercress                   Cardamine flexuosa

Wavy St. Johns wort             Hypericum undulatum

White clover                          Trifolium repens

Wild strawberry                     Fragaria vesca

Wild violet                             Viola riviniana

Wood avens                          Geum urbanum

Wood dock                            Rumex sanguineus

Wood sanicle                        Sanicula europaea

Wood sorrel                          Oxalis acetosella

Wood speedwell                  Veronica Montana

Yellow pimpernel                  Lysimachia nemorum

Wood sorrel                          Oxalis acetosella






Acleris aspersana

Acleris cristana

Acleris emargana

Acleris laterana

Acleris rhombana

Acleris sparsana

Acleris variegana

Adela rufimitrella

Aethes cnicana

Agonopteryx angelicella

Agonopleryx arenella

Agonopteryx heracliana

Agriphila tristella


Anthophila fabriciana

Antler moth

Archips podana

Argolamprotes micella

Argyresthia semitestacella

August thorn

Autumnal moth gen.det. CSR

Autumnal rustic

Bactra lancealana

Barred rivulet

Barred straw

Barred umber

Barred yellow

Beaded chestnut

Beautiful carpet

Beautiful golden y

Black arches

Black rustic

Bleached pug

Blood vein

Bordered beauty

Bordered sallow


Bright line brown eye


Brindled beauty

Brindled green

Brindled ochre

Brindled pug

Broad bordered yellow underwing

Broken barred carpet

Broom moth

Brown china mark

Brown house moth

Brown rustic

Brown silver line

Brussels lace

Buff arches

Buff ermine

Buff footman

Buff tip

Bullrush wainscot

Burnished brass

Cabbage moth

Caloptilia stigmatella


Canary shouldered thorn


Centre barred sallow


Chrysoteuchia culmella


Clouded border

Clouded bordered brindle

Clouded drab

Clouded silver

Common carpet

Common emerald

Common footman

Common lutestring

Common marbled carpet

Common pug

Common quaker

Common swift

Common wainscot

Common wave

Common white wave

Copper underwing gen. det CSR


Coxcomb prominent

Crambus perlella

-Cream spot tiger

Cream wave

Crescent dart


Cydia aurana

Cydia splendana

Cydia succedana

Dark arches

Dark chestnut

Dark dagger gen. det. CSR

Dark marbled carpet

Dark sword grass

December moth


Depressaria daucella

Depressaria paslinacella

Devon carpet

Dipleurina lacustrata


Dotted border

Dotted clay

Double square spot

Double striped pug



Dusky brocade

Dusky thorn

Ear moth vs.

Early grey

Early thorn

Early tooth striped

Ebulea crocealis

Elephant hawk

Ernmelius monodaclyla


Epermenia illigerella

Epibleina rosaecolanct

Epiblema scutulana

Epinolia tenerana

Esperia sulphurella

Eucosma cana

Eucosma hohenwartiana

Eudonia angustea

Eudonia inercurella

Eyed hawk

Fan foot

Feath gothic

Feathered thorn

Five spot burnet


Flame carpet

Flame shoulder

Flounced rustic

Foxglove pug

Frosted green

Frosted orange

Garden tiger


Gold spot

Grass emerald

Green arches

Green brindled crescent

Green carpet

Green pug

Green silver lines

Grey arches

Grey birch

Grey dagger gen. detCSR

Grey pug

Heart and dart

Hebrew character

Hedya pruniana


Hummingbird hawk

Ingrailed clay

Iron prominent

July highflyer

July/Lead belle



Lampronia luzeila

Large emerald

Large ranunculus

Large tabby

Large yellow underwing

Least black arches

Least yellow underwing

Lesser common rustic gen. det. CSR

Lesser cream wave

Lesser swallow prominent

Lesser yellow underwing

Lessr broad bordered yellow underwing


Light arches

Light emerald

Little emerald


Lozolaeni aforsierana

Lunar hornet. 3 hatched from Sallow logs.

Lunar marbled brown

Lunar thorn

Lunar underwing



Marbled brown

Marbled coronet

Marbled minor gen. det. CSR

March moth

May highflyer

Merveille du jour

Middle barred minor gen. det. CSR


Minor shoulder knot

Mottled beauty

Mottled umber


Mullein moth


Narrow winged pug

Nematopogon metaxella

Nephasia interjectana

Nephasia stephensiana

November moth gen. det. CSR

Nut tree tussock


Oak beauty

Olindia schurnacherana

Olethreutes lacunana

Opostega crepusculella

Orneodes hexadactyla

Orthotaenia undulana

Pale eggar

Pale mottled willow

Pale november moth

Pale pinion

Pale prominent

Pale shouldered brocade

Pale tusssock

Pandemis cerasana

Pandemis heperana

Parornix devoniella

Parornix torquilella

Peach blossom

Pearly underwing

Pebble hook tip

Pebble prominent

Peppered moth


Phyllonorycter coryli

Phyllonorycter maestingella

Phyllonorycter messaniella

Phyllonorycter nicellii

Phyllonoiycter oxyacanthae

Phyllonoiycter quercifoliella

Phyllonoiycter rajella

Pinion streaked snout

Pink barred sallow

Plain golden y

Pleuroptya ruralis

Poplar hawk

Powdered quaker

Privet hawk

Pseudoargyroloza conwagana

Psychoides filicivora

Pterophorus pentadactyla

Purple bar

Purple clay

Purple thorn


Pyralis farinalis

Pyrausta purpuralis

Red chestnut

Red green carpet

Red line quaker

Red twin spot carpet

Riband wave


Rosy footman

Rosy minor

Rosy rustic

Ruby tiger

Ruddy highflyer

Rufous minor gen. det. CSR

Rush veneer

Rustic gen. det. CSR

Sallow kitten

Sandy carpet


Satin wave

Scallop shell

Scalloped hazel

Scalloped oak

Scarce umber

Scopcxria pyrallela

Scorched wing

Scrobipalpa costella

Setaceous hebrew character

Shaded broad bar


Sharp angled carpet

Sharp angled peacock

Shoulder stripe

Silver ground carpet


Single dotted wave

Six spot burnet

Six striped rustic

Slender brindle

Small angle shades

Small blood vein

Small dotted buff

Small elephant hawk

Small engrailed

Small fan foot

Small fan footed wave

Small magpie

Small mottled willow

Small phoenix

Small quaker

Small rivulet

Small rufous

Small seraphim

Small square spot

Small wainscot

Small white wave

Smoky wainscot



Spruce carpet

Square spot rustic

Slenoptilia bipunctidaclyla

Stiginella atricapitella group

Stigmella floslactella

Sti marginicolella

Stigmella microtheriella

Straw dot


Striped wainscot

Svennsons cop. uwing gen.det. CSR.78.94 v.5

Swallow prominent

Swallow tailed moth

Tawny marbled minor gen. det. CSR

Tinea semifulvella

Treble lines

True lovers knot

Turnip moth

Twin spot carpet

Twin spotted quaker

Udeaferni galls

Udea lutealis

Udea olivalis

Udea prunalis




Water carpet

Waved carpet

White ermine

White marked

White pinion spotted

White point

White shouldered house moth

Willow beauty

Winter moth

Wormwood pug

Yellow barred brindle

Yellow line quaker

Yellow shell

Ypsolopha dentella




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